Today I am going to share a memorable moment of my career that is too close to my heart. It took place in 2002, when I started my professional career. I was 17 then and was employed at an art studio in New Delhi, after my higher secondary education was over from a small town of India. My wages were too low (around $ 20 per month), but the interest and willingness to become an artist someday, kept me glued to the job I was in. Animation is something I came to know for the first time during those days and through some one's mouth I heard about a book named 'The Illusion of Life'. It was priced at $ 50, which was too much for me as I hardly managed to save any buck from my living. But I badly wanted to get it, and hence started to save every single penny I could to reach my target of the price of that book. It took me a few months, but then came a day when I was just a few bucks short from having all the money that was needed. I found a few old newspapers on the rented room's terrace which I decided to sell to fill the need. I had to sacrifice lunch and dinner for that day as well as I didn't have a single buck left more than the cost of that book. But I was so happy to see that I can go to the market and get it for myself. I rushed to the bookstore in South Extension, New Delhi and it took me no time to buy one for myself. 'The Illusion of Life' therefore became the first book of my collection and from there it all started. I am thankful to the almighty for being kind to me, that today, I have managed to do more than I imagined for my career (along with a realization each day that there is so much more to be done), but in this course, I have always succeeded to buy stuffs that fascinate me, right from books to toys to movie DVDs and more (and thankfully in a much easier fashion).

But I know that there are many talented and deserving young artists in India for whom it is not so easy to reach to the collection I have today. Maybe it is their inability to buy these, or due to lack of consent from their parents, or due to no knowledge about where to get these from (and sometimes even the laziness and less sense of responsibility towards favoring the industry by buying original books and movies and discouraging piracy).

All this has lead to a new initiative of me where I announce the launch of my new blog 'Art Caboodle' ( where I will share my experiences and write reviews about the art caboodle I have owned or used). This is not really aimed to be a 'show-off' portal, rather aimed to help and motivate those kids who come from circumstances like mine).

I won't be uploading an ebook version by scanning my precious book collection, nor will get you a DVD Rip of the treasure of films I collected till today. I do not encourage piracy, but yes, I will surely try to take you to a tour of each item I own, wishing that it increases your knowledge about them and succeed in encouraging you to start your own original collection.