RamSinghKumaresh - The Masterclass of Animation Art

There maybe many animation enthusiasts or professionals who 'think' that they know enough about animation and are filled with the necessary passion within. But the first module of masterclass by Ram Singh Kumaresh (a six hour privilege of hearing from the three genius) was sufficient enough to witness the fundamentals that are so important but are still overlooked. A session that saw the magician of pencil - Vaibhav Kumaresh, ninja of anatomy - Vivek Ram and wisest of all - Ranjit Singh deliver a spell-bounding performance of hands on art that will remain in my memories forever. The first module of the three planned sessions covered the basics of animation (good to see Vaibhav choosing the beloved Lightbox over Flash for demonstration), anatomy study (I can bet Vivek Ram has surely bisected a human body before) and the art of storytelling (yes Ranjit Singh, whose Top Ramen TVCs were aired when we used diapers).

The best part was that the masterclass was planned to be interactive, which gave the opportunity to every student to clear their doubts by putting up questions anytime within the sessions. We are also back to home with heaps of assignments that we need to complete and bring along in the next session.

I am not so sure if I will remain in Mumbai for coming weeks and will be able to attend the remaining modules, but I highly recommend it to the localities that this is an opportunity never to be missed.

Here's a small tribute artwork for RamSinghKumaresh, heartily wishing them success with this enterprise. For details about the RSK masterclass, please visit: http://www.ramsinghkumaresh.com/


The Second Generation Ramayana & Sanjay Patel

It’s not an easy thing to keep you distinctive from others in this artistic part of the world. Some people succeeds, some people not. Pixar animator Sanjay Patel has attempted a visual recreation of something that a lot of people had tried before, The Ramayana. And it turned out to be one of the most stylish depictions ever. The starkly graphics which gives a feel of ancient wall paintings is surely a mesmerizing treat for the eyes, a mix of ancient myth and mid century design.

It took him 1 year to complete the first round of research for this graphic novel. Within one year, the book Ramayana: Divine Loophole born.

A drop-out of Cleveland Institute of Arts & California Institute of Arts, he is been associated with Pixar Studios from the days of Bug’s Life. Degrees never matter if you have the real talent and specially a guy who started his drawing at the age of 4! (I am inspired!)

Here a tribute to this great artist who actually redefined the way of mythological storytelling.


Tweeps, beware...he came!

Another addition to the series of twitter avatars. When my long time friend Aneesh asked me to come up with a same stuff, I got a full freedom to experiment with his avatar. He is an online media designer and I am well aware about his fascination towards vampires and the darker stuff, so I thought it would be pretty interesting and something different. Of course I cannot make a cute avatar for a guy who is tall, dark and sporting a ponytail with a kind of bouncer look (its true mate never-mind :P)

Here presenting the first (time in history?) bloody twitter avatar....!


Twirping - The Cameron Way!

Its better to become a part of the culture if you want to know more about them. The flying people in the micro-blogging arena have flew a long way. So instead of flying along, I chose to fly ahead by creating an avatar and be a part of them even before they plan something similar. To 'follow' me please visit http://twitter.com/kshiraj