Adding a charming touch to Guitar

In his maiden attempt, Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt modified an Archtop Guitar and added a veena touch by attaching a gourd at the back of its neck and employing a set of melody, drone and sympathetic strings strung to the turners. The invention proved out to be a music instrument that got its personalized name from its father and was called 'Mohan Veena'. The music genius Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt played it by placing it on lap like a slide guitar and produced melodious music that mesmerized the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, United States and couldn't stop them from awarding him the prestigious Grammy Award in 1994.

By lending enchanting performances in his music concerts all around the globe, Vishwa Mohan Bhatt didn't just recieve usual fan following, but also got fusion artists like Harry Manx and Matt Malley utilize the Mohan Veena for their music. He's one of the greatest Indian musician on whom our country could back on for popularizing Indian Classical Music between the world audience. Here's a small tribute artwork for the legendary man.


Budweiser Budvar | Drevny Kocur | Webisode 02


The Visual Maverick, Sir Peter Jackson

Creating a fantasy world in a live action movie so believable is a Herculean task. The worst part is transforming a single story into three films without losing its soul and continuity. The seventeen Oscars vouch how perfect was Peter Jackson’s take on JRR Tolkien’s epic.
While watching the LOTR series (I watched the trilogy in a single go including the making of it), I was fascinated by his method of working. He is truly a perfectionist, never leaves a stone unturned. His attention to detail and shooting a single scene for multiple times from different angles to get more options for the cutting table was something I never have experienced before.
The idea of making this small tribute came from a footage I saw in the making part of LOTR. Jackson was famous for wearing shorts and going barefoot under most circumstances, especially during film shoots with a macabre sense of humor, and a general playfulness.


Octopus Paul Cartoon



I am a big fan of Wolverine. With his infused adamantium, healing capabilities and most importantly an 'attitude' driven personality, he steals the show from even higher class mutants with superior powers. For some reason I never liked his 'yellow spandex' costume version and have always preferred him as a rough lad in jeans and vest with a large cigar in his mouth. It is impossible for me to imagine an actor other than Hugh Jackman who can well live this character. My most memorable dialogue of his is from X-Men : The Last Stand, when he says "class dismissed" during a training program for newly recruited mutants. Too much character isn't it?


Sherm Cohen

Today I am going to tell you about an artist who has become my inspiration not only due to his art, but because of lot more reasons. I got to know about Sherm Cohen a few months ago, after I found his twitter link somewhere and started following him. He is among the very few artists I have known who actually 'talk'! You can easily find hundreds of artists with one directional Feed streams posting their work and experiences. But Sherm has really defined what a 'conversation' mean. He sits somewhere in Los Angeles in the middle of numerous drawing jobs none less than SpongeBob SquarePants, Phineas & Ferb and more. Still he continues to stay in touch with a long list of fan-following not only by reading what they say, but also through response whenever possible. I have seen Sherm help many followers by answering to their curious questions coming from all parts of the planet. Dozens of videos could be found on YouTube with him sharing tips and tricks about character design and storyboarding that everyone will find useful. I am glad to know an artist like him who has been serving the animation industry in this unique way. (Lastly not to forget that this wizard of pencil has even written a book titled Cartooning : Character Design from Walter Foster Publishing, Inc.)

Follow Sherm on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/ShermCohen