Last week, my biggest dream came true! Ever since I have learned about technology and how its tools facilitated digital illustration work, I have known Wacom. Over the past eight years I graduated from drawing using mouse to 'poor, non-wacom' stylus pen tablets to Wacom Graphire (which remained my beloved partner for long) and lastly Wacom Intuos. But it is 'Cintiq' I was always fascinated about, from the time I read its capabilities and features.

I used to read about its interactive pen display, precise pen and pressure sensitivity and Wacom's patented screen stand that could allow you to recline and rotate your digital canvas! Knowing these things not only made me drool over it but also insisted me to save every single buck I could, to let me make such an expensive (but worthwhile) deal someday (it costs $3500 in India).

My greatest dream has come true today when I own a Wacom Cintiq 21UX. It just beautifies my workspace and makes me pledge sleepless nights of work on it.

For more photos, visit http://picasaweb.google.com/kshiraj.telang/WorkplaceReloaded

Detailed product review to follow.


Budweiser Budvar | Drevny Kocur | Webisode 01

Hey all! For those who were wondering why didn't I show up on my blog for the past six months? Well, I was a bit occupied with creating animations for a social marketing campaign for Budweiser Budvar. The campaign is over now with five webisodes created by me gone live and loved by the audience. It also won the Grand Webstar Creative award in Webstar Festival 2010 held in Poland (which I am proud about). Million thanks to Pride and Glory Interactive for giving me the opportunity to animate this. I'll keep posting the rest of the episodes with time.

P.S.: The language is Polish, and I don't understand a word either, but somehow managed to animate based on script. Hope you'd like them. :)