One Morning

A concept illustration done while visualizing storyboards for one of my office project:


Sage Narada

A few character designs of 'Sage Narada', Ajay and I did a week back:


For Shrey

The following graphic is a concept drawing for an upcoming short film by my very talented and close pal, Shrey Tatke. Can't provide further details, but I can guarantee, it will posses a very beautiful storytelling, and I shall share it soon after he makes it available for distribution.

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Thank you JH

This very quick drawing was made when I was attending my father in ICU at Jabalpur Hospital where he was hospitalized due to a severe attack of Pneumonia. I am thankful to Dr. Behrani and everyone else from the hospital unit, for their efforts helped my dad survive such a critical condition. I dedicate this drawing as a tribute to those kind people from the hospital. I am also grateful to everyone from friends and family who had their wishes and support for us.

Kindly ignore the drawing quality... my objective of making this and the environment around me was different then.