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Burton's Alice in Wonderland – The darkest wonderland ever!

A man who always wears a darker glass will have a tendency to see the world in front of him in a slightly darker shade. But the realization of the absorbed frames have never been a conundrum for the man who set a trend of mixing goth, gore and dark humor, sometimes in an interestingly creepy manner. And we call him Tim Burton.

His unmatched ability of giving adorability and cuteness to the living and non living darker elements is what sets him apart from the other directors. From Jack Skellington to Edward Scissorhands to the bloody big head-Red Queen, he has created his own aura of characters and leaving his fans craving for more.

Making alterations to a masterpiece needs some real gut and Tim again have shown his abundant vision and took the story to another level with some really sweet characters that only he can visualize. Who can forget the Red Queen and her playing card resembling army? Tim is also lucky to have such a wife in Helena who easily portrays any complex character and becomes ready to appear in the same skeleton that Tim had derived.

When it comes to the execution of the ideas, Tim Burton become crazier than you can ever think of. No one will forget the scene where The White Queen prepares the medicine with urine and some ugly looking fingers, for Alice.

Once again he has created a modern cinematic myth with his favorite cast and crew. He replaced the actual mood of the wonderland with his no sunshine environment and some signature props like the windmill and the famous limbs. He might probably be the only man in the earth whom god have given so much “dark” powers and yet doing good things.

Here's an artwork from me as a tribute to the work of a genius.


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