Those who know me closely must be aware of the fact that I am a die hard fan of A. R. Rahman. His music is always in my ears, with the help of iPod plugged in loaded with ARR's music. Aneesh and I can travel to any part of India to attend a live concert of him. I can never forget the day when ARR was here in New Delhi to perform in a live concert. I went so crazy after getting the tickets that I started creating caricatures of him, believing that I will hand over it to him if I get to meet him during the concert. But the performance was quite inaccessible for us to make anyone personally reach ARR. Even after disappointment at caricature front, it was truly a big day for me, getting to see ARR for the first time. Post to that, I was looking for every possible way by which I can make the caricature reach ARR. And one day the opportunity came knocking at my door. It was Alan Hadley from Chennai who was about to begin a magazine named SCORE which focuses on Music, Art and Lifestyle. In its inaugural edition, Alan was keen to use the caricature done by me as that issue was exclusively on A. R. Rahman. Without any delay I requested him to go ahead. In a few days, this is what I get to see:
This is the cover page of the magazine:
That's the caricature done by me, published in a page within the magazine:

Here's ARR reading SCORE:

Undoubtedly the greatest achievement for me! Thanks to Alan, it all happened because of him.