Okay fine! I am crazy, as I have seen The Dark Knight a dozen times in the previous month. And I shall see it many more times no matter how crazy you call me. Because no one can go as crazier as the Joker, the performance excellence from Batman's latest edition, The Dark Knight. Nolan's TDK features the Batman we all wanted to see. In a Spidey ruled cinema when it comes to super hero movies, I never thought someone else will ever manage to reach anywhere close. But The Dark Knight surpasses all milestones of super hero tales on the big screen. The two and a half hours movie is filled with excellent screenplay, majestic performances, action and struggle between order and anarchy. The dialogues are so brilliant, I am all prepared to memorize and rehearse them everyday, the day the screenplay comes in my hand. For those who have not seen it yet, book your tickets today!