It’s not an easy thing to keep you distinctive from others in this artistic part of the world. Some people succeeds, some people not. Pixar animator Sanjay Patel has attempted a visual recreation of something that a lot of people had tried before, The Ramayana. And it turned out to be one of the most stylish depictions ever. The starkly graphics which gives a feel of ancient wall paintings is surely a mesmerizing treat for the eyes, a mix of ancient myth and mid century design.

It took him 1 year to complete the first round of research for this graphic novel. Within one year, the book Ramayana: Divine Loophole born.

A drop-out of Cleveland Institute of Arts & California Institute of Arts, he is been associated with Pixar Studios from the days of Bug’s Life. Degrees never matter if you have the real talent and specially a guy who started his drawing at the age of 4! (I am inspired!)

Here a tribute to this great artist who actually redefined the way of mythological storytelling.