Summary first… Avatar experience makes so called animation artists like me feel that it is shame on us to feel proud of terming ourselves ‘storytellers’. While I was traveling through that magnificent cinematic voyage I realized that I am nothing more than an ordinary chap who can only afford to buy a movie ticket and stand in queue for popcorn during intermission. And there isn’t much difference between me and the person standing in front or next to me waiting for their turn.  

Five years ago when James Cameron was busy with this project visualizing an entirely new planet, I here was sleeping pleased with the childish animation results of diya’s flame coming out of hands closet which becomes sun through zoom transitions. It will be foolishness to even review this extraordinary movie... rather we should be thankful of being born as humans and at this time.

Today I am unsure about the truthfulness of ambitious promises I once made to my wife. As an honest confession, I don’t even know how do these Gods create such fascinating cinematic experiences in one lifetime?

I can only hope that this depression soon transforms to motivation and re-ignites the passion I had in my childhood days. Until then, it will not be so nice to give lessons to beginner artists when I am myself not working hard. Thanks James Cameron for reminding me my purpose. I am sure your Avatar example will leave me sleepless until I pay back my tribute. And that’s my new year’s resolution :)